signature packages


the ultimate affair

This service is our Signature Package also known as “the Ultimate Spoil Yourself” package. In addition to your nails looking fabulous, your skin will have so many benefits.  Service includes a premium exfoliating sugar scrub of your choice, warm towel wrapped, an almond hydrating moisturizer with massage for your hands and feet, a cool cucumber heel therapy lotion to hydrate and rejuvenate your feet; and if that wasn’t enough, a paraffin treatment to wrap up this wonderful experience.

manicure $35

pedicure $45


serendipi-dilicious manicure/pedicure

Everyone loves a form of dessert and now you can treat your hands and feet with a sweet treat-ment. A scoop of ice cream of your flavored is submerged in the water fizzling while releasing oils to help transform your hard day’s work into total relaxation; followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub and wrapped in warm towel. In addition to your skin being lathered with flavored ice cream lotion, a marshmallow mask is included. This experience will have you smelling so sweet; you will be a walking dessert.

manicure $45

pedicure $60


“some like it hot” stone manicure/pedicure

This is the perfect manicure and pedicure for anyone who simply wants to relax. The preheated stones have so many great benefits including alleviate stress, improve circulation, or soothe those achy muscles from a long day of hard work. The stones will be massaging your hands with CND Almond Moisturizer and CND Cucumber Heel Therapy for your feet. Your hands and feet will then be wrapped with the stones in warm towels to bring you to the highest relaxation state.

manicure  $40

pedicure  $45


friends with benefits

Your hands and feet are your most treasured and loyal friends. Treat it with this relaxing and beneficial experience. This service includes a citrus exfoliating sugar scrub, an Aloe Vera hydrating lotion with massage for your hands and cooling cucumber heel therapy for your feet. Warm towels will be wrapped around your hands and feet for additional relaxation.

manicure  $25

pedicure  $35



In a hurry? No worries. There is always time to pamper yourself with a simple clean up, shaped up, trimmed up and polished. A light massage with soothing Aloe Vera lotion is included with this manicure and pedicure.

manicure $15

pedicure $25


the nail affair exclusives


Dazzle Dry Polish $5

(This revolutionary polish dries rock hard in 5 minutes)


nail extension services


Acrylic Full Set $30 & up

Acrylic Fill $18 & up

Pink and White Full Set $50

Pink and White Fills $40

Pink Fills only $25

CND Royalty Pink and White Full Set $65

CND Royalty Pink and White Fills $50

CND Royalty Pink Fills only $35

White Tip Extension $30

Designed Tip Extension $35 & up


all about gel


Gel Manicure $35

FWB Gel Manicure $45

Ultimate Gel Manicure $55

Gel Pedicure $55

FWB Gel Pedicure $65

Ultimate Gel Pedicure $75

Gel Polish Only (without manicure or pedicure) $30

Gel Polish with Acrylics Services $20

Hard Gel Manicure (includes gel polish) $55 & up

Hard Gel Fill (includes gel polish) $45


no strings attached


Acrylic removal (with service) $10

Acrylic removal (no service) $12 & up

Gel Soak-Off (with service) $5

Gel Soak-Off (no service) $10

Nail Repair $5 & up

Buff and Shine $5

Polish change (Hands) $10

Polish change (Feet) $10

Paraffin Treatment $10 each

Nail Design  $5 & up





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